Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

Hormones are one of the important systems for regulating the human body. They act as transmitters designed to interact with certain target cells and organs, which have a regulatory effect on the metabolism and physiological functions of the body. In fact, hormones regulate the functions of the body and ensure smooth operation.

As various factors affect the body, a change in hormonal production and hormonal imbalance occurs. Unbalanced hormones can have various negative effects on the human body.

Bioidentical hormones have been developed to alleviate the many problems that can result from hormone imbalances. They are created on the basis of natural plant substances and do not use a synthetic component.

Bioidentical hormones are prescribed individually based on the symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance. This therapy holds hormone levels throughout the day and prevents the effects of hormone imbalance.

Bioidentical hormones are derived from natural sources. Granules contain hormones identical to those found in the human body. Studies have shown that bioinoid hormones have fewer side effects than synthetic hormones.

What is bioidentical hormone replacement?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a treatment created to address hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalance occurs when one or more of the key hormones in the body is insufficient or otherwise not at an optimal level of production. This problem can occur in men and women.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance include:

  • Extreme fatigue;
  • Mood swings and anxiety;
  • Tension and irritability;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Memory loss;
  • Depression;
  • Lack of focus;
  • Brain fog;
  • Hot flashes;
  • Night sweats;
  • Weight gain;
  • General pain;
  • Migraines and severe headaches;
  • Frequent urination;
  • Decreased sex drive and productivity.

Hormonal imbalance also seriously affects the health of bones, the chest region, the brain, the heart, and other critical systems in the body.

Hormonal imbalance has a frightening combination of both tangible and intangible symptoms; some you can immediately notice, while others disguise themselves and happen behind the scenes.

Mechanism of action

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy works by replacing and balancing the missing hormones in the body. Hormone therapy has been used since 1939. There are other types of hormone replacement, including:

  • Pills;
  • Patches;
  • Creams/gels;
  • Synthetic injections.

Hormone replacement oral therapy has several advantages over these other methods. These benefits include:

  • It has the same molecular structure as human hormones;
  • It lasts longer than other treatments, usually three to five months;
  • This is the most widely studied form of natural hormone therapy;
  • It provides a constant flow of hormones in your blood;
  • It provides individual dosing.
  • The therapy provides superior results with minimal side effects.

Other benefits of oral hormone replacement therapy include:

  • It’s safe. Hundreds of studies have been completed on hormone therapy, and it has been used since 1939;
  • It is clinically more effective: With oral hormone therapy, hormones are delivered sequentially 24/7 for several months. There is no “outbreak of hormones” effect, as in other types of treatment;
  • This is convenient: tablet therapy is used only a few times a year;
  • It has a low side effect profile: this therapy is the best method for increasing bone density and does not increase the risk of heart attack, blood clots or stroke, as is the case with other methods;
  • Results: Increased energy levels, improved libido, decreased body fat, improved mental concentration, improved mood, and more.

Bioidentical hormone replacement in women

Hormonal imbalance in women often occurs imperceptibly. Symptoms can range from subtle to debilitating. Often the symptoms are masked by various pills prescribed for anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight gain, etc. This happens because hormone levels are not checked since normal hormones are not optimized. The good news is scientists have developed bioidentical hormones to help women.

Hormonal imbalances in women can occur as part of the natural aging process in women and may reflect genetic predispositions to certain conditions.

The endocrine system is the secret gland that produces discrete hormones throughout the body. Do you know that hormones mean a lot more than regulating mood and sexuality? They determine whether you will be at risk for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and thyroid disease.

When an imbalance occurs in the endocrine system, a woman is faced with hormonal imbalance. This means hormone levels produced by the endocrine system are too low or too high.

Bioidentical hormone replacement in men

Some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance in men include:

  • Fatigue;
  • Insomnia;
  • Weight gain;
  • Brain fog;
  • Reduce sexual effectiveness;
  • Inability to maintain muscle mass;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety.

Some of the non-reproductive physical symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men include:

  • Weight gain;
  • Acne;
  • Unstable blood sugar;
  • Low blood pressure.

Reproductive symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men may include:

  • Low libido;
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Loss of interest in sexual activity;
  • Low self-esteem.

These are very serious symptoms that can occur due to many serious conditions in addition to hormonal imbalance. Visit your doctor to confirm that the source of these problems is not a different condition.

Patients report that one of the most effective hormonal balance restoration methods they have tried is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Within 7-10 days after the introduction of the hormones, the therapy begins to work and patients return to their active lifestyle. If you suffer from hormonal imbalance, and you would like to use a natural method of treatment, contact a doctor as quickly as possible.