Retailing drugs in the United States is a huge market. It differs significantly from other pharmaceutical markets. It differs not only in terms of volume but also in the way drug sales are arranged. All pharmacies in America are private belonging to pharmacy networks or independent pharmacists. All these pharmacies have their own features of how to work.

Types of US pharmacies

Nowadays, there are several types of US pharmacies. They are:

  • retail pharmacies;
  • hospital pharmacies;
  • pharmacies specializing in drug compounding.

Recently, online pharmacies have also gained popularity. Their turnover is also increasing every year. The vast majority of pharmacists in the US (more than 65%) work in retail pharmacies. About 22% of pharmacists work in hospital pharmacies. The rest of the pharmacists is engaged in online pharmacies, wholesale pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies related to pharmacology. The majority of pharmacies is engaged in the retail sale of prescription and over-the-counter medications.