Veterinary compounding is a modern global healthcare trend and one of the main ways to ensure access to effective and safe treatment for pets.

All veterinary medicinal products are subject to strict quality control in production. That is why they are highly effective and safe for animals.

Veterinary drugs have specific properties, their production is accompanied by multilevel quality control, which includes checking the activity of active substances, the presence of impurities, the physicochemical properties of the substance and the finished product, as well as the properties of the packaging material. The last production step includes microbiological analysis of the finished product.

Veterinary compounding implies the desire to replenish the assortment with the most modern, most effective means. It’s important o get access to a wide selection of the best, exclusive veterinary drugs for the prevention and successful treatment of many animal diseases – from a lack of vitamins to serious pathologies.

Special attention is paid to the temperature regime of storage and transportation of veterinary medicines since most such drugs are thermosensitive and are stored in a narrow temperature range. Uncompromising compliance with the requirements of the quality control system guarantees the production of highly effective and safe medicines.

In addition to controlling the manufacturing process of drugs, pharmaceutical laboratiries are actively engaged in scientific and practical research: the development and study of the effectiveness of new substances (components for the manufacture of personalized drugs for pets), as well as the discovery and development of promising areas in the fight against various diseases.

The reliability, effectiveness and safety of compounded products are confirmed by the high demand from veterinarians of leading medical centers. They are successfully used not only in the USA but also in many countries of Europe.